Table of Contents 

General Notices: Important notices for all releases of Data Logger for 34980A.

General Notices: 

  1. Intel Hyper-Threading on non-XP Operating Systems.

Intel advises that Hyper-Threading be disabled when running non-XP Operating Systems. For further information, please visit Intel Processors Support.

The BenchLink Data Logger for 34980A is a multi-threaded application that may exhibit problems when Hyper-Threading is enabled on non-XP operating systems. Please report any unusual behaviors that go away when Hyper-Threading is disabled.

Errata List for release Version 2.3.00

  • Auto export check box now be checked by default
  • Migration of installer from Wise to installshield
  • Now BLDL-3 software will work if user login as power user

Errata List for release Version 2.2.00

  • Rleas00003929: Include Millisecond option is now available in both start time and elapsed time
  • Rleas00004035: Installer problem is now resolved that was there on win-7 and Vista machines
  • Rleas00004036: Now user will get an error message if try to install the application via guest user
  • Rleas00004038: Now user doesn’t need to uninstall 32 bit office product and install it back from a 64 bit machine while installing the application

Errata List for release Version 2.10.00

  • This version was modified to support Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and Vista 64-bit. No other changes were made.

Errata List for release Version 2.00.01 

  • Rleas00003455: Strip chart can now be done in Japanese version
  • Rleas00003515: Fixed 10 Mohm range not properly selected
  • Rleas00003719: Missing Chinese characters display
  • Rleas00003262: Name cannot be changed like Windows based style
  • Rleas00003268: Reduced CPU space required to run
  • Rleas00003451: Added "System.OutOfMemoryException" error
  • Rleas00003767: Fixed Memory drag slowing BLDL software

Errata List for release Version 1.10.00 

  • Application now supports Microsoft Windows® Vista™, XP SP2 and 2000 SP4 operating systems
  • Licensing has been removed from this software
  • Data Logger Pro demo video button (Experience the Data Logger Pro…) available from main startup screen and also from help menu

Defects fixed by this release:

  • Rleas00000851: Big datalog appears in hang state
  • Rleas00000743: Don't change directory of the exported data after it has been set
  • Rleas00000878: Demo license for customer besides the 30 trials – This is not an issue now as 34826A is free

Errata List for release Version 1.00.01 

The following list outlines additional resolved defects and product enhancements included in the release V1.00.01 of the 34826A BenchLink Data Logger for 34980A.

  • The product now uses Microsoft .NET 2.0 in place of .NET 1.1.
  • Charting performance has been improved.
  • A situation where memory usage increased during the scan has been resolved.
  • A situation which could result in a GUI hang on dual processor systems has been resolved.
  • The application no longer includes a spurious space character at the start of exported file names.
  • Timestamps including milliseconds now consistently use colon (:) as a separator.
  • An issue with scaling for Kelvin temperatures has been resolved.