Realizing a New World of Capabilities for 5G Communications

Deliver secure and connected 5G services using Keysight’s deep expertise in cellular and IP networks, combined with software-defined test, as well as measurement and visibility solutions that ensure signals and data flow as they should from device to edge to network core.

Network Testing Challenges

Can your network handle all of the complex protocols thrown at it? To fully test your network, you need to identify problems in the lab before deployment into the field. This means you must:

  • Generate traffic that mimics real-world blended-traffic scenarios
  • Rapidly isolate service violations
  • Emulate a very large number of routers and switches to reduce test cost

This allows you to test your network's performance under the most challenging conditions. Learn how to generate multiple terabytes of data and analyze up to 4 million traffic flows simultaneously using IxLoad.

Network Visibility Challenges

Once you know your network can handle blended-traffic flows under real-world conditions, it's time to make sure that your network can handle the intended user-load.

  • Measure key QoE indicators for each application
  • Make rapid decisions about competing products and technologies
  • Optimize SLAs by analyzing the impact of new rollouts and subscriber growth

Make sure your network can keep up with subscriber demands.

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