Recorded Live - Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Innovation is a blend of art and science that can evolve into major industry disruptions when multiple, seemingly disparate applications come together to create a new reality.

At Keysight World Americas 2019 we explored many new technical innovations and challenges, including how advances at the component level fuel the pace of change in 5G, which in turn contributes to the infrastructure needed to support autonomous vehicles and other new applications. These industries will generate a massive flow of real-time data that needs to be securely managed.

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Grand Opening
Speakers: Sandeep Kapoor, Marketing Director, Keysight Technologies

Plenary Keynote 1: Connecting the Technology Dots—How Today’s Technologies Will Combine to Transform the World
Speaker: Donna Majcen, Vice President, Global Field Marketing, Keysight Technologies
The world is on the cusp of change. Enabled by the promise and convergence of 5G, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, their outcomes will redefine not only how we live and work, but how we design, develop, and even test the products of the future. Join Donna Majcen, Keysight's vice president of global field marketing as she explores the building blocks for the full realization of autonomous vehicles, intelligent homes, intelligent cities, and body area networks, and the very innovative processes that will deliver them.

Plenary Keynote 2: Accelerating Tomorrow’s Innovations
Speaker: Benoit Neel, Vice President EMEAI Sales, Keysight Technologies
Keysight’s customers are leaders in technology. They are the visionaries and innovators who achieve breakthroughs that connect and secure the world. To accelerate customers' innovations, Keysight anticipates trends, and is ready with leading-edge solutions ahead of market windows, forging deep relationships to provide its customers with the insights to be first and best. Join Benoit Neel, vice president of EMEAI sales, who will share the company’s model for delivering customer success and the latest business and technological enablers for tomorrow’s technology-led transformations.



Keynote:  Paradigm shifting moves in test technology for Aerospace Defense & Military
Speaker: Dann Dunn, Vice President, Aerospace Defense business, Keysight Technologies
Aerospace and Defense (A&D) is the backbone of modern commercial innovation and vice versa. The Internet, wireless communications, satellites, space, navigation, and electrification all evolved from A&D. Pushing the boundaries of technical limitations requires a combination of in-depth knowledge and imagination to explore new possibilities. In this paper, we will discuss next-generation leading-edge technology innovations that enable state-of-the-art applications through paradigm shift moves in test technology for Aerospace, Defense & Military

Cognitive EW / radar test & evaluation for WSP technology
Speaker: Phil Lorch, Solutions Manager, Radar, EW and Satellite solutions, Keysight Technologies
While the world has been hard at work developing cognitive AI-based approaches to electronic attack, little thought has been given to the ways in which such EA systems must be tested, and their performance evaluated against various threats. The common parametric test techniques that have been used in the past will not be enough. This paper examines the problem and finds that there are two major areas of interest: First, a closed-loop test system is required; and second, a simplified method of evaluating the effectiveness of a jammer must be implemented. The paper will present potential test system architectures, highlight the gaps in the available test technologies, and discuss at a high level, the considerations that must be taken into account when evaluating EA system effectiveness.


Noise power ratio (NPR) measurements for satellite systems
Speaker: Richard Soden, Product Manager, Keysight Technologies
Noise power ratio (NPR) is a wideband test which measures the 'quietness' of an unused channel accounting for intermodulation distortion products generated by non-linearities within the signal chain. NPR measures the nonlinear behavior of an RF microwave amplifier under a modulated signal stimulus. In this paper, we dive into how NPR measurements can help ensure high quality for satellite systems.

Creating Multi-Emitter Scenarios for Radar & Electronic Warfare (EW) Testing
Speaker: Phil Lorch, Solutions Manager, Radar, EW and Satellite solutions, Keysight Technologies
Evolutions in targets, electronic warfare (EW), and countermeasures require complex signal generation and analysis for advanced simulation and testing of multiple emitters. The challenges in detection, avoidance, electronic warfare, and countermeasures evolves as technology advances. In this paper, we will be discussing how to quickly adapt to new, complex threats with scalable signal simulation by creating complex, high pulse density EW scenarios and simulate Angle of Arrival (AoA) and kinematics (moving platforms) simultaneously based on coherent, multiple signal generation.


Tackle RF & MW Interference Challenges in the Field Using Real-Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA)
Speaker: Andrew Benn, Product Marketing Manager at Keysight Technologies
With enhancement of capability in RFuW technologies in communication networks, one inherent challenge is interference. Regardless of the type of network, performance is always limited by the noise level in the system. This noise can be generated internally and/or externally. In order to detect demanding signals and troubleshoot network issues, a real-time signal analysis (RTSA) capability is necessary for a field test. In this paper, we will look at interference in various networks, discuss RTSA technology and its key performance indicators, and explore applications to troubleshoot RADAR, EW and interference issues in communication networks.

Achieving first-mover advantage by leveraging new approaches with Keysight services & Keysight Care
Speaker: Jim Curran, Marketing Manager - Services, Keysight Technologies
KeysightCare redefines best-in-class for customer care in test and measurement, offering dedicated, proactive support through a single point of contact for instruments, software, and solutions. Get faster response times, faster access to specialized experts and faster time to resolution. We will be discussing KeysightCare and more in this paper. 

“Keysight is at the forefront of a number of exciting technology trends, including 5G, automotive and energy, data centers and telecommunications, as well as network operations and security. We hope you will join us for Keysight World Americas to learn more about our solutions and how we are helping customers accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world."

— Ron Nersesian, President and Chief Executive Officer

Technical Tracks

Five technical tracks to choose from. Register for one or all five broadcasts.


5G networks deliver faster, more reliable communications.

Delivering 5G requires end-to-end Layer 1–7 test, precision measurement, and deep network visibility solutions to de-risk 5G development and operation across the ecosystem.

Learn about the 5G new radio standard and key testing capabilities at all critical stages in 5G device and network capability rollouts.

Automotive and Energy

Autonomous driving, electrification, and networking are at the heart of the current revolution in automotive technology.

Capabilities for autonomous driving, battery charging and discharging, automobile radar, and networking all need extensive verification and testing.

Data Center and Telecom

Massive data flow from 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), and autonomous vehicles are creating unprecedented demand for bandwidth everywhere in the network and data center.

Learn the latest trends and solutions for data center networking and computing (PCIe® 5.0, DDR5, etc), as well as the telecom network for 400G and beyond.

Network Operations and Security

Network operations and security are at the heart of any modern business.

The data center core needs to detect security threats and meet compliance and performance requirements to enable you to know exactly what is crossing your operational networks.

Learn advanced techniques to operate and secure your network for both data center and cloud-based infrastructures.

Advanced Measurements

It is no secret that innovations in modern wireless and satellite communications and radar systems are driving the need for higher frequencies and more bandwidth. As a result, today's engineers face increasingly complex measurement challenges.

Learn about the latest cutting-edge measurement techniques for characterizing broadband power amplifiers and millimeter-wave (mmWave) devices.

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