You are moments away from key insights. Microwave technology brings a new set of complex electronic test challenges, so we have prepared several demo videos and application-specific resources to bring you even closer to your next breakthrough.

Below, you will find a wide range of high-frequency test equipment, solutions, and services to help you design, simulate, and test your latest innovations. We invite you to “favorite” this page, and return as needed to review these resources.

EuMW 2021 is Keysight’s 18th consecutive year as a Platinum sponsor, and once again we look forward to working with you and tackling the world’s toughest uWave and mmWave test challenges.

Exhibition Dates & Times:
Monday, 4th April 2022 - 09:30 - 18:00
Tuesday, 5th April 2022 - 09:30 - 17:30
Wednesday, 6th April 2022 - 09:30 - 15:30


Workshops & Paper Presentations


Saturday, April 2nd

  • 9:00 - 18:20 CEST | Results and Advances in mmWave On-wafer S-parameters Measurement Accuracy

Sunday, April 3rd

  • 9:00 - 18:20 CEST | Extending the Keysight 125 GHz Solution to 220 GHz
  • 9:00 - 13:00 CEST | Beyond 5G: mmWave and THz Techniques of 6G Research
  • 14:20 - 18:20 CEST | Optimizing Modulation Quality Measurements on Wide Bandwith Signals from Conformance through R&D
  • 14:20 - 18:20 CEST | Phase Noise in Next Generation Aerospace, Defense and Commercial Wireless Communications

Thursday, April 7th

  • 9:00 - 18:20 CEST | Design of Calibration Structures for On-Wafer S-parameters measurements up to 500 GHz


Sunday, April 3th

  • 17:20 - 17:40 CEST | A Superheterodyne 300 GHz Transmit Receive Chipset for Beyond 5G Network Integration

Tuesday, April 5th

  • 9:20 - 9:40 CEST | Road toLab: Validation of ADAS/AD Functions Relying on Sensor Fusion
  • 11:40 - 12:00 CEST | Multiple-Ray-Tracing (MRT) Tool with SystemView
  • 16:40 - 17:00 CEST | Sub THz Bands for 6G: 10x the Bandwith with 10x the Problems?
  • 17:20 - 17:40 CEST | Benchmarking of GHz Resonator Techniques for the Characterization of 5G/mmWave Materials

Wednesday, April 6th

  • 11:40 - 12:00 CEST | Quantifying Modulation Quality at the Physical Layer using Equalized Channel Capacity


mmWave R&D Testbeds

What’s in the setup?


  • VXG Microwave Signal Generator
  • N9042B UXA Signal Analyzer
  • U9361M 110 GHz RCal Receiver Calibrator
  • M8195A AWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • M9384B VXG Microwave Signal Generator
  • M8131A AXIe Digitizer
  • VDI D- and G-Band Up- and Down-converters
  • 4x N6734B Power Supply Modules in an N6700C Mainframe
  • PathWave SystemVue
  • 89600 PathWave Vector Signal Analysis
  • KS8400A PathWave Test Automation Platform
  • FR1, FR2, & 110-220 GHz
  • >10 GHz modulation BW
  • 3GPP & customized PHY

Keysight’s sub-THz wideband solutions accelerate your time to market with measurements compliant to the latest 5G standards. Even more, they enable research of 6G frequencies, wider bandwidths, and new modulation schemes. Make wide-bandwidth high-dynamic range measurements to explore ultra-high data throughput scenarios. Experience industry-leading EVM and ACLR performance in FR1/FR2 with single and multi-component carrier configurations, as well as new features like channel bonding, channel corrections, non-linear corrections, and virtual source capability.

Additional Resources

OTA Field Signal Analysis

  • Over-the-air measurements 
  • Real-time analysis
  • Portable, compact, light

When transitioning to 5G and eventually 6G, you must ensure network quality and beam performance so that users can connect without issues. As part of your field kit, you will need a solution that can display key metrics from multiple base stations so you can identify frequency drifting, isolate power issues, and investigate performance problems. Keysight's N9953B FieldFox handheld analyzer can demodulate OTA transmissions with a frequency coverage up to 54 GHz and a bandwidth up to 120 MHz! In combination with a phased array antenna, it can help 5G and 6G operators perform accurate measurements for coverage and beamforming verification.

Additional Resources

What’s in the setup?

  • N9953B FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzer
  • N5172B EXG RF Vector Signal Generator

Compact VNA Solution

What’s in the setup?

  • P5028B Streamline Vector Network Analyzer
  • P5024B Streamline Vector Network Analyzer
  • mmWave banded VNA
  • Temperature stability
  • Unique measurement apps

High-end, portable, mmWave component and materials measurements for 5G, 6G, and automotive applications. Get actionable insights faster, without sacrificing bench space. With our compact VNAs, move confidently through every stage of your product development lifecycle with accurate and repeatable measurements. Configure a banded VNA with VDI frequency extenders up to 330 GHz for your mmWave component and materials measurements.

Additional Resources

Simplified Wideband Test

  • Precision EVM
  • Fully calibrated
  • Modulation distortion app

Simplify complex measurement setups and improve accuracy of active device characterization measurements, including EVM/NPR, embedded-LO phase noise, group delay, noise figure, and much more. In addition, the system provides fully calibrated measurements, enabling characterization of wideband devices up to 200 GHz for accurate and repeatable DPD development.

Additional Resources

What’s in the setup?

  • N5247B PNA-X Network Analyzer
  • M9384B VXG Microwave Signal Generator
  • S93070xB Modulation Distortion Application
  • S9303xxB Phase Noise Application
  • 89601101C PathWave VSA Direct Data Connectivity

mmWave Circuit Simulation

What’s in the setup?

  • W3604B PathWave Advanced Design System
  • PathWave System Design (SystemVue)
  • Multi-technology packaging
  • EM/Circuit co-simulation
  • Design with modulated signals

Meet the challenges of 5G with a complete mmWave design flow, from circuit to system, using Keysight’s PathWave System Design and PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS). Extract circuit-based RF impairments via ADS and incorporate them into PathWave System Design to perform 5G-compliant baseband verification. This solution provides complete 5G simulation.

Additional Resources

gNB Fading Performance

  • Turnkey O-RU / O-DU test
  • Actual channel conditions
  • Real UE interoperability

Experience an integrated turnkey solution for 5G base station/O-RAN testing. Test 5G NTN use cases, MIMO OTA base station fading performance, mmWave base station fading performance, and massive MIMO base station fading performance.

Additional Resources

What’s in the setup?

  • S88x0A PROPSIM FS16/F64 channel emulator
  • E7515B UXM 5G Base Station Emulator
  • S8801A MIMO OTA Base Station Fading Performance Toolset
  • S8802A mmWave Base Station Fading Performance Toolset
  • S8803A Massive MIMO Base Station Fading Performance Toolset

Model-Based System Design

What’s in the setup?

  • W4804B PathWave System Design
  • Phased-array beamforming
  • Real-World scenario modeling
  • Standards-compliant libraries

Ready for any system architect, PathWave System Design goes beyond math-based modeling by offering a complete RF-aware design workflow, integrating decades of Keysight measurement science in RF instrumentation for end-to-end system designs. Give your team the gift of multi-domain modeling and simulation in one collaborative design environment for complex RF systems.

Additional Resources

Phase Noise Test System

  • Absolute/residual insight
  • Evaluate >50 GHz offsets
  • Measure to thermal limits

Experience the highest end of phase noise test, where our solutions use cross-correlation techniques to measure down to the thermal (kT) limits of physics.

Additional Resources

What’s in the setup?

  • N5511A Phase Noise Test System
  • 2x E8257D Performance Signal Generators
  • UXR1102A Oscilloscope

Digital Tx/Rx Module Test

What’s in the setup?

  • N5245B PNA-X Network Analyzer
  • N5182B MXG Vector Signal Generator
  • Metrology-quality test
  • Test in mins, not weeks
  • Calibrated test results

Replace weeks of in-house measurement and data analysis effort with just a few minutes. Characterize digital-baseband integrated RF front-end device performance with metrology-quality measurements. The digital transmit/receive module (TRM) test methodology can be leveraged to component-level for testing ADCs, DACs, and transceiver ICs; subsystem-level for testing radar or satcom transmitters/receivers; and system-level for testing whole signal paths of 5G PAA/massive MIMO.

Additional Resources

AV Radar Test

  • Validate 76-81 GHz
  • Test interference & standards
  • Simulate multi-target scenes

Validate performance and reliability of E-band automotive radar modules with an analog radar target simulator (RTS). Instead of digital sampling and recreation of the DUT signal which may conceal faults in the signal, an analog RTS’s optical paths preserve the DUT’s true signal while adding time, attenuation, and phase delays to represent changes in target distance, size, and velocity. With multiple remote heads, take testing even further with multiple targets, and testing horizontal and vertical angle-of-arrival (AoA). Testing even larger scenes? Upgrade to Keysight’s new, industry leading radar scene emulator.

Additional Resources

What’s in the setup?

  • E8718A Radar Target Simulator
  • AD1012A Radar Scene Emulator


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