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Signal creation

  • Supports custom or a variety of standard intra-pulse modulation formats: linear and non-linear FM chirp, FM step, AM step, BPSK, QPSK, Barker codes, frank codes and polyphase code
  • Create, store and recall complex pulse patterns that maximize instrument memory to play long scenarios
  • Set repetition interval, number of repetitions, and frequency, phase, and power offsets on a pulse-by-pulse basis
  • Optional advanced capabilities, by using Option 205 and Option 206, add PRI patterns, signal impairments, antenna radiation, modulation types and scan patterning and file import/export capabilities from a .csv spreadsheet file

Hardware platform control and additive impairments

  • Compatible instruments: ESG and PSG signal generators, N824xA, N603xA, and M933xA Arbitrary Waveform Generators
  • Control frequency, amplitude and ALC, markers, and more
  • Enhance signal quality using baseband predistortion

Automation and communication interface

  • Automate test with COM API and SCPI
  • API HELP system
  • LAN and GPIB


Create complex single emitter pulse patterns

N7620A Signal Studio for pulse building software enables flexible generation of complex, wideband pulse patterns using Keysight’s vector signal generator. For radar receiver test it provides a simple interface to construct and import custom pulse envelopes, apply intra-pulse modulation, and create sophisticated single emitter test patterns. Patterns can be created by using the easy to use graphical user interface or with a remote program. The waveform sequencing capability enable users to play long scenarios by maxim

Wideband high-fidelity measurements with Keysight hardware

Signal Studio for Pulse Building creates waveforms with carriers as high as 44 GHz and bandwidths up to 1 GHz using Keysight’s N603xA/N824xA/M933xA wideband AWG and the PSG Signal Generator. The software correction engine along with the 16-bit ARB and PSG gives users excellent dynamic range all the way to 44 GHz.

Signal Studio supports multiple platforms

  • The ESG vector signal generator provides a cost effective solution that provides excellent level accuracy in a 3U form factor
  • The PSG vector signal generator provides industry best phase noise performance, excellent dynamic range, and wideband I/Q inputs for carriers up to 44 GHz.
  • The Keysight Arbitrary Waveform Generators provides up to 1 GHz of modulation bandwidth and over 65dBc of spurious free dynamic range for generating exceptionally realistic wideband waveforms.