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Extend Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) capabilities beyond standard CAN SOF trigger

  • Enable MSO to isolate and trigger on frame content
  • Sort through frame traffic on bus
  • Isolate frames of interest
  • Specify particular frame characteristics

Debug Capability

  • Analyze all traffic on broadcast network
  • Quickly find frames that meet selected specifications
  • Isolate capability similar to pattern trigger across parallel channels
  • Synchronize to particular frame, examine system behavior


The N2758A CAN trigger module extends your Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope's (MSO) capabilities beyond the standard CAN SOF trigger. The module enables the MSO to isolate and trigger on a particular frame's content. This triggering allows you to:

  • sort through frame traffic on the bus
  • isolate frames of interest
  • specify particular frame characteristics

The CAN trigger module is ideal for analyzing all traffic on the broadcast network. Quickly find frames that meet the specifications you select with an isolating capability similar to pattern triggering across multiple channels in the parallel domain. Synchronize to the particular frame then examine the system behavior of interest.