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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

Standards Supported:

  • Channel testing per IEEE 802.3bp (1000BASE-T1) specifications

Key capabilities:

  • Cable, harness and connector testing for Automotive Ethernet channels.
  • Bundles all relevant hardware, software and accessories into one model number.
  • Software creates a test plan and automatically sets up the network analyzer for each measurement, applies the limit lines.
  • Accurate and repeatable results with any of three different form factors of Keysight world class vector network analyzers.

Ordering information

  • The solution runs on a VNA with option TDR, choose benchtop (E5080B), PXI (M980xA series) or USB (P5000A Series). See configuration guidelines available in the datasheet.
  • The software requires Keysight PathWave Test Automation software. And it will be installed as part of the download and purchase of AE6910L.


Next-generation ADAS systems require camera and radar systems with high resolution, which require increased speed and bandwidth. Automotive Ethernet enables faster data communication to meet the demands of today’s vehicles and the connected vehicles of the future. However, the channel or link in a system can create a point of failure and as such must be fully tested.

Keysight’s automotive Ethernet channel test solution verifies that information is carried, without loss or cross talk, to its intended destination.

The solution ensures signal quality requirements with conformance testing for the channel., including harness, cables or connectors. The solution is built on functional and multipurpose hardware that can be fully utilized for other tasks and tests when not actively used for automotive Ethernet channel tests.

The AE6900L solution provides a bundle of hardware, software and accessories to help you understand the integrity of your automotive Ethernet channel and how close it is to required specifications set up the IEEE and OABR.