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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • Gap-free real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA), with a 10 MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Capture small and intermittent signals that could be masked by larger signals
  • View density spectrum, spectrogram and real-time spectrum
  • Capture signals as short as 12 µs with 100% POI with full amplitude accuracy
  • Detect signals as short as 22 ns if absolute amplitude accuracy is not critical
  • 63 dB of spur-free dynamic range
  • Record and playback spectrum traces


With the widespread increase of wireless technologies, the spectral environment is filled with interference. Interference results in network quality deterioration and breakdown of communication links. Additionally, the prevalent use of digital modulation and burst-transmission methods have made it difficult to reliably detect interference sources. FieldFox’s real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) helps with interference detection.

RTSA’s fast overlapping FFT processing technique allows gap-free measurements of signals as narrow as 12 µs, with full amplitude accuracy, with 100% POI. In cases where detection of the signal is the critical factor, independent of amplitude accuracy, FieldFox’s 10 MHz real-time bandwidth allows pulses as narrow as 22 ns to be seen on the display.

The spectrum density view displays three dimensional data on a two dimensional display. It uses color to show the number of times a frequency and amplitude point is detected during a capture interval. This is an excellent way to understand and visualize the spectral content. For example, with RTSA you can detect a low-level signal in the presence of a high power transmitter using the spectrum density view.

Finding an elusive signal can take hours or days. With FieldFox’s recording and playback, the analyzer can be set to collect data over time, and the data can be analyzed later offline.

Configuration information

The preamplifier (option 235) is highly recommended, as elusive signals often have low power levels.

Option 350 can be added as a product upgrade.