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J7230A OmniBER OTN 10 Gb/s Communications Performance Analyzer

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Discontinuance Notice: The Keysight J7230A OmniBER OTN will be discontinued on the 31st October 2004 the support life for this product will be for 5 years (until 31st October 2009). The J7230B OmniBER OTN is the recommended replacement.

Comprehensively test and debug SONET/SDH and ITU-T G.709 optical channel devices

The Keysight J7230A OmniBER OTN 10 Gb/s analyzer offers BER and overhead testing at all SONET/SDH rates from 52 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s, plus the G.709 optical channel rates of OTU1 (2.66 Gb/s) and OTU2 (10.71 Gb/s). This combination enables the comprehensive testing of next generation optical channel devices and equipment. The independent verification of such devices and equipment against the new standards, provides greater confidence of interoperability with other vendors equipment, and speeds time to market.


  • Comprehensive (ITU-T G.709) OTU1 and OTU2 optical channel support including Forward Error Correction (FEC) simulation and analysis, and OTU frame capture.
  • Comprehensive contiguous concatenation support including standard STS-3c/AU-4, STS-12c/AU-4-4c, STS-48c/AU-4-16c and arbitrary STS-6c/AU-4-2c, STS-9c/AU-4-3c and STS-24c/AU-4-8c.
  • Network realistic mixed mapping support.
  • Simultaneous BER and alarm monitoring of all STS/AU channels ("Signal Wizard").
  • APS service disruption measurements.
  • Set-up and monitoring of all SONET/SDH/optical channel overhead bytes.
  • Unframed PRBS capability at all rates.