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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

SystemVue 2013.01 includes the following new and improved capabilities:

  • New Communications System Modeling Improvements — instrument-grade EVM measurements, digital modulation sources for 40 common formats, and Digital Filter tool improvements

  • Hardware/Design Flow Enhancements — realtime FPGA “hardware-in-the-loop” (HIL) co-simulation, expanded SystemC support, and volterra-based RF system architecture models

  • Expanded Baseband Reference Libraries — new GNSS satellite navigation library, and significant enhancements for Radar, DPD, and 3G/4G libraries and propagation sets

  • New Instrument Links — support for modular PXI M9381A VSG, new Waveform Sequence Composer utility, and integration of Keysight Signal Studio waveforms files


The SystemVue 2013.01 release builds on core platform improvements and baseband design flow integration for communications physical layer designers, as well as routine improvements in application areas such as Emerging Comms and Defense.

SystemVue ESL Design SoftwareSystem-level design, Core Platform

  • Convenient communications support for nearly 40 digital modulation formats (compare to the 89600 VSA “AYA” personality), along with instrument-grade EVM measurements
  • Digital Filter improvements, general UI improvements, and nearly 200 defects addressed

Baseband algorithmic modeling & hardware flows

  • Hardware-in-Loop (HIL) real-time co-simulation, connects dataflow simulation with Xilinx Virtex6 FPGA family (such as Xilinx ML605) over PCIexpress for rapid prototyping and hardware acceleration (W1717)
  • Expanded set of waveform datatypes for SystemC co-simulation

RF System Architecture

  • Volterra nonlinear modeling in Spectrasys, gives consistent distortion results in SystemVue Dataflow
  • Antenna noise temperature modeling, and 41 new system examples

PHY Reference Libraries

  • New W1919 GNSS Baseband Verification Library for satellite navigation, provides TX/RX baseband simulation references and system-level scenarios for GPS. Also provides some modulation sources for Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou to create custom signals and interference. Modifiable reference designs work in either simulation or instrument downloads in order to stress receiver algorithms, or perform system-level performance studies.
  • Significant updates to existing baseband reference libraries:
    • W1716 Digital Pre-distortion — adds Look-Up Table (LUT) pre-distortion models popular with high-volume components, such as 802.11ac WLAN, 4G handset PA, and femtocells; also adds an advanced Crest Factor Reduction (CFR) algorithm that works broadly across wireless and A/D waveforms
    • W1905 Radar — adds new MIMO Radar and phased array support, along with Automotive targets
    • W1916 3G library — adds legacy GSM and EDGE support, and a full set of Multi-Standard Radio (MSR) testbenches to verify compatibility of 4G infrastructure with 2G/3G waveforms
    • W1918 LTE-Advanced, and W1910 LTE — key compute-intensive models now accelerated using the Intel IPP Library
    • W1715 MIMO Channel — supports 4G beamforming pattern synthesis for LTE-A basestations; also provides ~5x compute acceleration compared to 2012.06 release, using Intel math library

Instrument Links

  • Adds support for new M9381A Modular PXI RF vector signal generator
  • New “Waveform Sequence Composer” user interface resamples and assembles wideband waveforms for download into waveform segments memory of high-performance Keysight AWGs, such as M8190A and M9381A
  • SystemVue simulation support for licensed waveform files exported using two new Signal Studio options (look for “Connect to Keysight simulation software” options “7FP” and “7NP”, now available for most current Signal Studio personalities)

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