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Why should you buy GoldenGate?

  • Speed and capacity to completely characterize your design prior to tapeout
  • System to Silicon Verification using standards based Wireless Libraries
  • Mixed Signal Simulation support including Digital State Sweeping and Verilog-(A)MS
  • Improve the Manufacturability of your design through increased simulation coverage


GoldenGate RFIC Simulation SoftwareGoldenGate is the most advanced simulation and analysis solution for integrated mixed signal RFIC designs. Its unique simulation algorithms are optimized for the challenging demands of today's complex RFICs, and its capacity enables full characterization of complete transceivers, including parasitics, prior to tape-out.

GoldenGate takes advantage of frequency domain, time domain and mixed signal simulation technologies to ensure proper device operation, increased manufacturability and reduced design spins. GoldenGate also includes a suite of automation tools to increase overall simulation coverage, developed with the RFIC designer in mind.

This suite helps designers easily launch multiple, parallel simulations, quickly analyze circuit performances and diagnose problematic issues with mixed-signal RFICs earlier in the design cycle. GoldenGate is fully integrated into the Cadence Analog Design Environment (ADE) supporting both IC5 and IC6 releases.

Who will benefit?

  • RFIC designers seeking better performance, capacity, and analysis capabilities targeting mixed signal RFIC design and verification.
  • CAD managers seeking to maximize flexibility when optimizing hardware and licensing for simulation based verification of complex RFICs.
  • VPs of Engineering and design managers who want to reduce the risk in improving the time to yield as well as maximize the effectiveness of simulation budgets.

Why it’s better than competing RFIC solutions

  • GoldenGate includes a suite of automation tools including a Job Manager and the Monte Carlo Console that make it easy to set up & manage the simulations and data analysis required for both block and system level performance verification.
  • A single GoldenGate "Solo" license enables the designer to run simulations within Cadence.
  • GoldenGate's speed and capacity allows post layout full transceiver chain simulation including the use of standards based wireless sources and data post processing.

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