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Monolithic laser combiner for microscopy

Now there’s a better way to spend your time.

Keysight monolithic laser combiner products deliver unmatched innovation in confocal, super resolution, and fluorescence microscopy research. The fixed mounting system guarantees that the laser combiner is permanently aligned for the life of the product. The result is a stable, reliable, and easy-to-use plug-and-play system that’s always ready to go when you are.

Zero adjusting. More Imaging.

  • True plug-and-play illumination
  • No laser alignment needed – ever
  • Helps extend cell lifetime
  • Optimizes image acquisition

Keysight monolithic laser combiner products arrive fully aligned and never needs readjusting. Guaranteed. Devote your time to what matters most – cell imaging and critical cell analysis.

Keysight monolithic laser combiner products are ideally suited for confocal, fluorescence and super resolution microscopy applications.

  • Fluorescence: TIRF, FRET, FRAP, FISH
  • Super Resolution: PALM, STORM
  • Confocal Fluorescence: Point scanning, Multispectral, Spinning disk

Complex monolithic optic (CMO) technology guarantees permanent laser alignment

  • Proprietary fixed mounting system combines multiple beams into a perfectly and permanently aligned single optical structure
  • Beam-combining and beam-steering optics are fully integrated with the single-mode, polarization-maintaining, fiber-coupled output
  • Beam alignment will not drift due to environmental factors such as temperature, airflow, vibration, or over time
  • Single optical structure design reduces exposure to lab contamination
  • Stable performance extends imaging time

Microcontroller reduces phototoxicity, helps extend cell life and optimizes image acquisition

  • Operates independent of the host computer OS to deliver images in real time
  • Synchronizes image acquisition
  • Controls a wide array of external imaging devices – analog, digital and serial
  • Fully integrated system

MLC 400 Monolithic Laser Combiner Data Sheet

Complex Optical Design and Manufacturing

AARA funding - U.S. Stimulus Grant Program