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E1804A Optical Switch Test System

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The Keysight E1804A Optical Switch Test System is a scalable turnkey measurement solution for design, prototype or high volume testing of optical switch fabrics. During design and prototype stages of development, the E1804A improves Time-to-Market and Time-to-Volume. In manufacturing, the software has been optimized to maximize throughput, ultimately minimizing cost of test per device.

Accurate measurements are achieved through the use of Keysight's standard-setting Lightwave Multichannel System and complete automated system calibration.

The open software environment of the E1804A enables tailoring of the system to meet customer needs. Examples of tailoring options include device under test (DUT) control software and hardware, custom reports, and environmental chamber control.

  • Measurements:
  • Insertion Loss (IL) with or without PDL
  • Crosstalk and cumulative crosstalk (Xtalk)
  • Switching speeed (Activation, Deactivition)
  • Return Loss