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Genesys RF and Microwave Design Software

Genesys 2009.04 is now available, and you can download a trial copy at no charge. Genesys takes you to the next level in practical and affordable RF Board design and verification with unparalleled accuracy, practicality and affordability on a new multi-threaded environment.

Whether you are working on simple RF/Microwave matching circuits or complete transceivers, Genesys 2009.04 includes several great new capabilities designed to improve the life of the RF Board engineer with improved "idea-to-prototype" flow for RF board design and verification. For more information on successful RF board design, refer to RF & Microwave Board Design.

Key Features in Genesys 2009.04

Genesys 2009.04 enables you to:

  • Tackle large and complex RF board designs with Momentum GXF, a superior 3D-planar EM solution, that brings a multi-level NlogN solver, multi-matrix solvers, multi-core/multi-threading support, and an enhanced mesh pre-processor. Learn more about the Genesys Momentum GXF Simulator.
  • Gain more design intuition with new 3D viewing and post processing of layouts' interconnects and EM modeling including 3D far-fields and current animations.
  • Expand nonlinear design options with 12 new ADS device models through the adoption of Model Interface for New Transistors (MINT) in Genesys. Learn more about Vendor Component Libraries.
  • Gain more design productivity with rock-solid software stability and enhanced user-friendly documentation.

For a comprehensive list of changes and improvements in this release of Genesys, refer to the Getting Started section of the Genesys 2009.04 Product Documentation under What's New.

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