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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • Interposer probe provides a quick, easy connection between the DIMM connector and Keysight logic analyzers
  • Compatible with all 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM DIMMs
  • Supports both registered and non-registered DIMMs
  • Provides access to a fully-loaded memory bus
  • Up to 1600 MT/s protocol decode
  • Simultaneous capture of read and write transactions
  • Non-intrusive interposer design and works well on target system with good signal integrity
  • Included DDR3 Eye Finder software enables accurate sampling of Read and Write data


The N4835A advanced slot interposer probe enables access to standard 240-pin DDR3 DIMMs on a computer system. The probe brings DDR3 signals to the logic analyzer via controlled impedance cables for an easy protocol-and-timing analysis connection while maintaining signal fidelity. DDR3 eye finder software, included with the probe, helps you position the sampling points for accurate read and write data capture. The protocol decode software translates acquired signals into easily understood bus transactions, at the full bus speed.