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E6720A-002 Annual Contract for cdma2000® Lab Application for 8960

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* Цены могут быть изменены без уведомления. Указанные цены являются рекомендованными ценами производителя на условиях CIP, не включают налоговых и таможенных сборов.

Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики


  • Provides all of the E6702 lab application releases during the term of the contract
  • Provides access to subscription releases of the cdma2000 lab applications. These pre-release versions are only available with the annual contract and provide early access to new features
  • Some features may require a hardware upgrade to enable in your test set

The following features are available to E6720A-002 annual contract owners

  • 1xCSFB from LTE to cdma2000
  • Uplink DTX (discontinuous transmission) with radio configuration 3 (RC3)


With rapidly evolving standards and the continuing stream of new product features, the E6720A-002 lab application annual contract offers an edge for getting reliable products to market quickly. By ordering an annual contract, you get all new releases coming out in the next year for Keysight's powerful cdma2000 lab application (including upgrades to a new product number), as well as early access to new features via special subscription releases. You receive individualized notification when a new release is available for your lab application, and can download the software and retrieve any required licenses via the Web. The E6720A optimizes your ability to quickly isolate and resolve product faults and incompatibility issues, and prevent manufacturing delays.

Annual Contract Resources
What Use
E6720A Annual Contract Quick Reference Guide  This guide steps you through the process of redeeming or extending your annual contract and retrieving your software upgrades
8960 Lab Application Annual Contract Subscription Release Downloads Download the latest lab application subscription releases (for current annual contract owners only)

Note: You must have the E6702F to purchase the E6720A-002 cdma2000 lab application annual contract. When you purchase the E6720A-002, you receive an E6702G permanent license, which entitles you to all releases for that product.