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E2094Q IO Libraries Suite 15.0

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The IO Libraries Suite is a collection of libraries that give you the ability to use your instruments from a test and measurement program. The suite also includes utilities that help you quickly and easily connect your instruments to your PC.

Major Features

  • Connection Expert - automatically scans and configures your instrument IO
  • IO Monitor - trace IO traffic on your instruments
  • Interactive IO - send commands to instruments and read responses
  • Interactive LXI - interactively send and receive LXI events and managing instrument clocks
  • VISA Open Report - helps troubleshoot instrument connections for systems with multiple VISA installations


  • Easy configuration for even complex, mixed-vendor systems
  • Works with the most popular IO Libraries including; Keysight or NI VISA, SICL, VISA COM or NI-488.2
  • Auto discovery of instruments from any vendor
  • Works with the most popular T&M software applications including Keysight VEE Pro, MATLAB, NI LabVIEW, Visual Studio®
  • Automatic detection of other vendors IO Libraries and configuration to use both of them regardless of install order