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Source-Corrected Noise Figure Measurements (Option 029)

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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • Measure noise figure of amplifiers, mixers, and converters up to 50 GHz with a built-in low-noise receiver, and up to 67 GHz with a standard S-parameter receiver
  • With a single connection, obtain fast, high-accuracy measurements of S-parameters, noise figure, compression, IMD, harmonics, and more
  • Advanced error-correction techniques fully remove effects of imperfect system source match and receiver noise figure
  • Surpasses the accuracy provided by Y-factor-based noise figure analyzers and spectrum analyzers
  • Measurements up to 50 GHz are simple to set up and calibrate, without the need for additional amplifiers or filters
  • Fast sweep times improve throughput in manufacturing
  • Fully compatible with Maury Microwave noise-parameter solutions


Option 029 adds hardware and firmware for high-accuracy noise figure measurements of amplifiers, frequency converters, and mixers, utilizing Keysight’s unique source-correction technique. The built-in low-noise receiver works up to the full frequency range of the instrument for N5241/42/44/45A models, and up to 50 GHz for the N5247A model. Using a Keysight ECal module configured as an impedance tuner for N5241/42A models, or a built-in tuner for N5244/45/47A models, the effects of imperfect system-source match and receiver noise figure are fully removed, greatly improving the accuracy of the cold- source technique. This approach surpasses the accuracy provided by the Y-factor method and other cold-source implementations. A scalar calibration choice is also available that offers less accuracy but is faster, and for N5241/42A models, does not require the external ECal module used as an impedance tuner.

For calibration of the noise receiver, Option 029 requires a power meter or a 346 series noise source (346C or 346C-K01 recommended). For measurements of mixers and converters, a power meter is always required. The noise source and power meters are only used during calibration of the analyzer. During the S-parameter portion of the noise calibration, a separate ECal module or mechanical calibration kit is required. Option 029 also allows noise figure measurements using the standard receivers for high-gain (> 60 dB), narrowband devices that might otherwise overload the low-noise receiver, or for noise figure measurements up to 67 GHz on the N5247A (an external preamp and filter may be required).

The PNA-X with Option 029 is ideal for use with Maury Microwave impedance tuners for practical, fast noise-parameter characterizations that are as easy as measuring S-parameters. The new PNA-X-based solution is over two orders of magnitude faster than traditional systems and dramatically more accurate.

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