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Currently available products with similar or more advanced capabilities can be found at: Logic Analyzer Modular System 16700 Series

The Keysight N4217A analysis probe for InfiniBand captures InfiniBand traffic and, in combination with the Keysight 16700 Series logic analyzer systems, provides triggering, cross-correlation, and detailed measurements for complete InfiniBand system hardware and software debugging. The probe connects to a copper InfiniBand 4x cable, allowing the logic analyzer to trace and trigger on InfiniBand traffic from the physical 10b level, through 8b logical, and on to high-level InfiniBand protocol-based measurements. The N4217A probe also offers SFP connectors for the optional insertion of copper or optical InfiniBand 1x modules.

  • Capture and trigger on InfiniBand 4x or 1x traffic at 2.5 Gb/s per lane. Custom-defined protocol fields or layers are supported in the trigger macro.
  • View the InfiniBand protocol.
  • LEDs provide loss-of-signal information.
  • Detects 8b/10b coding, disparity, framing and control symbol errors.
  • All packets or cells are time-stamped in the logic analyzer for time-correlation with other system buses.
  • 4x copper connection
  • 1x SFP connectors that allow the use of 1x copper or 1x optical SFP modules.