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N2282A 1x8 Optical Multiplexer Module, SC/APC

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The Keysight N2282A (1 x 8) optical module brings the flexibility of 1270-1670nm optical signal switching based on the Keysight 3499 switching family. The optical switching module, combined with other 3499 family electronic modules, provides a total switching solution in hybrid test systems. With the modular optical switching, test engineers can set up an ATE system with just enough optical switching channels to fit the current application, and add more channels later as the application grows.

The N2282A module is ideal for SONET/SDH test, OADM test, fiber-optical component test and fiber-optical network monitoring. It can also be used in fiber-optical network configuration and multi-source selection/measurement. Two channels in different modules can be synchronously switched with the "CARD PAIR" command. The module is optically passive, and operates independently of data rate, data format and optical signal direction; therefore, it is transparent to signaling formats. The SC/APC connectors provide reliable and easy connection. The two-slot N2282A module can only be operated in SCPI mode when installed in 3499A/B mainframes with firmware 3.0 or later.

  • Modular optical switching save rack space and integration time
  • High speed optical switching increase test throughput