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E1991A Test Application Suite

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  • Ordering convenience of one model number, providing all current test application formats for the 8960 Series 10 test set
  • Test applications included: E1960A (GSM), E1961A (AMPS/136), E1962B (cdma2000), E1963A (W-CDMA), E1964A (GPRS), and E1985A (fast switching)
  • Test applications can be ordered separately also; see the individual model numbers for more information


The E1991A test application suite for the 8960 Series 10 test set delivers the most popular wireless formats in one easy-to-order model number. You can now meet shifting market demands by having all popular cellular formats available when you need them. Your test set and production lines can be ready to go with a new format in minutes to give you maximum flexibility on your production lines.

Get the proven benefits of the Keysight 8960 test set. Because these test solutions are based on the high-performance 8960 Series 10 test set, you gain the additional benefits of extremely fast measurement speed, accuracy, reliability, and worldwide service and support. The multi-format capabilities of the 8960 can reduce your costs by offering format-flexible manufacturing with a single test set. These proven features help you shorten test development time, increase throughput, and minimize support costs.