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E443xB Series Option 201 cdma2000® Firmware Personality for the Real-time Baseband Generator

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Generate a fully coded, multi-channel, real-time stimulus for cdma2000 mobiles and base stations to the E443xB ESG signal generators using 201. The fully coded nature of this solution in both forward and reverse mode supports long and short codes, cyclic redundancy checks, convolutional or turbo encoding, interleaving, power control, and complex scrambling. Additional capabilities allow flexible channel configurations with individually adjustable power levels and data rates, customizable user data, and variable chip rates. The option is backwards compatible with IS-95A in both the basestation and mobile simulation modes through support of Radio Configuration 1 and 2.

A single E443xB ESG signal generator is viable for both IS-95A and IS-2000 testing, however two E443xB ESG signal generators are required for complete testing of IS-2000 receivers. One E443xB ESG signal generator can generate a group of channels including Pilot, Sync, Paging, and RC1-RC2 Fundamental or a group of channels including RC1-RC5 Fundamental and RC3-RC5 Supplemental channels. In addition, the two E443xB ESG signal generator configuration provides fully coded IS-2000 signals including fundamental and supplemental channels at rates up to 307.2 kbps.


  • Fully coded IS-95 signal package including pilot, sync, paging, and traffic channels
  • Full control of the paging message stream (overhead and signaling messages)
  • Supports both convolutional and turbo coding (IS-95 does not support turbo-coding.)
  • User data insertion via user files or external data
  • Variable chip rates, 50 Hz to 1.3 MHz
  • Fully configurable sync channel base station parameters
  • Pilot, Sync, Paging, and RC1-RC2 Fundamental (or OCNS) channels
  • RC1-RC5 Fundamental and RC3-RC5 Supplemental channels

Installation Requirements