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E443xB Series Option UN5 cdmaOne Firmware Personality

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Generate multichannel cdmaOne signals with UN5. These cdmaOne signals can be used for base station and mobile tests at system or component level. Testing with Walsh-coded channels accurately simulates the actual signal power a component experiences. View the power statistics of the IS-95 waveforms produced by the E443xB ESG signal generators compared to additive Gaussian white noise (AWGN).

Option UN5 is a firmware personality built upon the internal dual arbitrary waveform generator (Option UND). The firmware can be activated or downloaded by purchasing a license key.


  • Pre-configured channel setups - choose from five channel configurations including:
    - pilot channel
    - 9 channel forward (IS-97)
    - 32 channel forward
    - 64 channel forward
    - reverse channel
  • Use the pilot for performing mobile turn-on or waveform quality tests. The nine-channel arrangement is configured according to IS-97 specifications. The 32-channel configuration provides a realistically loaded base station for typical base station testing. Simulate a fully loaded base station by choosing the 64 forward-channel configuration. This Walsh-coded signal simulates a maximum capacity transmission for an IS-95 CDMA base station. Use the reverse channel selection to characterize CDMA mobile components.
  • 256 configurable channels - customize channel setup to realistically test components.
  • Define channel type, Walsh code, power, PN offset, and data for each specified channel. Channel power level can be set individually, adjusted to meet the IS-97 standard, or set to equal power.

Installation requirements