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FSI-60032 AGP 4X (Accelerated Graphics Port) Analysis Probe

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  • Supports 266 MHz (4X) or 133 MHz (2X) State Analysis
  • Bus transactions are displayed in AGP mnemonics
  • User can precision adjust the data valid window with respect to the clock
  • Configuration software and interposer connection provides first measurement in less than two minutes


This product is available from FuturePlus Systems Corp. as model FS2221 

This product works with Keysight logic analyzers and can be ordered directly from FuturePlus Systems, a strategic Keysight Channel Partner. This product is no longer sold through Keysight Technologies.

FuturePlus Systems offers bus analysis probes for memory, graphics, PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, USB, , Serial Rapid IO, and other standard buses.

The FS2221analysis probe for AGP 4X supports data transfer speeds up to 266 MT/s. The Protocol Decode software displays all of the AGP transactions including SBA.

This powerful tool provides for rapid debugging, testing, and compliance verification of AGP based systems.

Contact Information: FuturePlus Systems Corporation, 6455 North Union Blvd. Suite 202, Colorado Springs, CO 80918-5844. Phone: (719) 278-3540 Fax: (719) 278-9586.

Company URL: www.futureplus.com