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The Keysight NAI8000A PCI to MXI-2 interface kit as distributed by Keysight Technologies provides connection between a C-size VXI mainframe and HP UNIX workstation with a PCI backplane. The NAI8001A MXI-2 VXI bus Extender module allows connection of multi-mainframes via the MXI-2 cable link. Both the NAI8000A and NAI8001A are based on the National Instruments MXI-2 interface kit and are distributed and warranted by Keysight Technologies. Consult National Instruments for any additional information.

  • Highest performance interface card for connection to HP UNIX® workstations
  • External controller flexibility
  • Includes HP-UX* 10.20 Plug&Play VISA Libraries
  • Ability to configure multiple mainframe systems
  • Supports VXI modules with VXIPlug&Play HP-UX 10.20 Drivers
  • UNIX is a registered trademark of the Open Group.
  • MS Windows and Windows NT are US registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
  • *HP-UX Release 10.20 and later and HP-UX Release 11.00 and later (in both 32 and 64-bit configurations) on all HP 9000 computers are Open Group UNIX 95 branded products.