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The Keysight 85869A EMI measurement software now runs on a personal computer with Microsoft Windows 3.1® or Microsoft Windows 95®. This new PC-based software uses Keysight E2060B Basic for Windows. This operating environment offers most of the commands and syntax available in the popular Rocky Mountain Basic that runs on workstations.

The user interface and functionality of the 85869PC are very similar to the familiar workstation EMI software. If you are now using the Keysight 85869A, you will be up and running with the new 85869PC very quickly, taking advantage of the benefits of operating in a Windows environment. The software uses an IEEE 488 card to communicate with the EMI measurement system, printers, plotter and other peripherals. All the libraries and setup tables that you have developed to make measurements with the 85869A workstation EMI software can be easily transferred to the 85869PC.

  • The standard in workstation software now runs on a PC
  • Transfer your libraries to the Keysight 85869PC software
  • Test your products to both commercial and MIL-STD Requirements
  • Perform automated EMI measurements using "test setup" and "measure/analysis" areas
  • Wide range of measurement capabilities
  • Printing and plotting measurement displays and lists
  • Support and training