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89601AS Vector Signal Analysis Software: Update Subscription Service

Статус продукта: Устарело | Варианты сервисной поддержки
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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • Updates your 89601A/AN VSA software to the 89601B/BN VSA software and keeps it current with new enhancements
  • Automatic notification and shipment of revisions, as they become available
  • Length of subscription: 12 to 24 months, renewable
  • 89601AS updates 89601A node locked licenses to 89601B PC/Instrument license
  • 89601ASN updates 89601AN floating licenses to 89601BN floating license
  • Included with new 89600 VSA purchases (12 month subscription)
  • Activate Software Update Service
  • Request Site Key


89601BU/89601BNU will upgrade the VSA software versions 13.0 or later. If you are running a previous version and need to upgrade you will need to purchase 89601B or 89601BN. For more details, please contact your Keysight sales representative.

Keep your 89600 VSA software up to date automatically
With rapidly evolving standards and continuous advancements in signal analysis, the 89601AS/ASN software update and subscription service offers the advantage of having immediate access to the latest enhancements available for the 89601A/AN VSA software. And, with the introduction of the 89600 VSA software, the 89601AS/ASN software subscription service enables you to automatically receive the new software when it is available in January.

Purchase 12 to 24 months of software subscription service and we’ll notify you when a new software version is available. You can download the software from the Web or wait for the DVD to arrive in the mail. Subscription renewal is easy and we’ll notify you 3 months before your subscription expires.

Upgrading your software with new options
Adding new options to your 89601A/AN software requires it to be current with the latest revision. The software update and subscription service will update the 89601A/AN to the latest version no matter which previous version you are using. And, you will receive updates, as available, until your subscription expires.

Remember to activate your update subscription
After you receive your update package, you need to activate your subscription. This provides us with information on where to ship updates. If we don’t hear from you, we will activate your subscription within one month of shipping it. Activate Software Update Service