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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики


  • Decoding of InfiniBand protocol from captured 10b data for 1x, 4x, and 12x InfiniBand links
  • Detection of disparity, VCRC, and ICR errors
  • Display of byte lane skew amounts for 4x and 12x InfiniBand links
  • Refer to the data sheet for more information


For validation of 1x, 4x and 12x InfiniBand channels, the N4206A protocol analysis tool (used with the 16700 Series logic analysis system) reads the 10b data stream for each byte lane and produces decoded InfiniBand packets. To capture the 10b data, Mictor connectors are used to probe the 10b data going between the SERDES (Serializer/De-serializer) device and the InfiniBand controller chip (such as HCA, TCA, or switch) for each byte lane.