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The E7478A GPRS (General Packet Radio System) drive-test solution quickly finds and helps resolve sources of wireless network problems to speed deployment of data services, a necessity to compete in today's growing wireless market.

Keysight's GPRS and data test platform offers a true drive test solution, providing end-to-end data testing combined with air interface testing. Users can easily identify and resolve problems to speed network deployment. Keysight's drive test platform will allow the addition of up to four phones, or a combination of phones and digital receivers, to evaluate 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks simultaneously from the same laptop PC. The flexible, scalable drive test platform will also evolve to address the new technology formats required to meet future 3G network deployment goals.

The portable, rugged drive test platform facilitates pedestrian and in-building testing with a convenient, ergonomic backpack and an easy-to-operate pen-based tablet PC.