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RAD-EPC8B VXI B-size Embedded PC Controller, 486DX2/66

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The Keysight RADEPC8B PC controller is a B-size, 2 to 5-slot, VXI module that can be used with the 20-slot B-size E1302A mainframe. The RADEPC8A combines the high I/O performance of direct VXI backplane support and the space-saving size of an embedded VXI controller with the high power and speed of the Intel i486 processor. Embedding the controller in the VXI mainframe allows direct computer access of other VXI devices, system memory, and triggers as though they were part of the controller hardware, so you dont need a separate command module. Only one controller per mainframe is allowed. The RADEPC8B accesses the VXIbus with a full 32-bit wide data path (D32) for highest performance.


  • EPConnect now includes SICL and VISA support for MS-Windows and MS-DOS for program portability
  • VEE for Windows development bundle
  • RADEPC8A supports C-SCPI on LynxOS for easy programming and register-level speeds
  • VXIplug&play-compatible with WIN / WIN95 drivers