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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • DVB-C compliance
  • Real-time encoding
  • Calibrated impairments
  • HP-IB compatible and easily racked, suitable for R&D or manufacturing


The growing digital video business is now demanding compliance with the new DVB standards. Using the E4441A DVB QAM coder, hardware developers and system integrators can move quickly towards the DVB-C standard for cable TV, which has now been adopted by ETSI, ITU and DAVIC. The E4441A DVB QAM coder, in conjunction with the ESG-D family of digital signal generators, produces fully DVB-C compliant test signals with programmable calibrated impairments. This allows true BER measurements to be made on receiver devices or set- top boxes (also known as integrated receiver decoders or IRDs).