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E3249A VXI SCSI System Disk with DAT Drive

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The Keysight E3249A is a C-size 2-slot VXI mass storeage module that consists of a 2.1-Gbyte system disk and a 4-Gbyte (8 Gbytes with data compression) DAT drive. The single-ended SCSI-II connectors on the front panel provide the link to the host computer via a short external cable. Connection to other SCSI-II devices is achieved via the second SCSI-II connector. The SCSI-II interface does not provide a connection to the VXI backplane, assuring that the interface traffic will not interrupt, or be interrupted by, traffic on the VXI backplane. Typically, backup of 2 Gbytes takes approximately 30 minutes with compression and the industry standard Digital Data Storage (DDS) format.

  • SCSI-II compatible system disk with DAT tape
  • 2.1-Gbyte hard disk
  • 800,000-hour projected MTBF hard disk
  • 4-Gbyte DAT tape (8 Gbyte typical with data compression)
  • Packaged in 2-slot VXI module