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E2432A Intel 80960CA/CF Preprocessor Interface

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  • Supports operation in pipelined bus mode
  • Filters out unwanted states, shows when processor relinquishes control of the bus
  • Supports configuration in all memory regions
  • Monitors all 80960CA/CF signals of interest including the on-chip interrupt and DMA controllers


The Keysight E2432A preprocessor interface for the Intel 80960CA/CF is a mechanical and electrical interface between the Intel 80960CA/CF and various Keysight logic analyzers for real-time state analysis. The preprocessor routes signals; matches analyzer and chip setup and hold times; aligns address, data and status signals; and filters non-data transfers such as idle and wait states.

Preprocessor software configures the logic analyzer labeling address, data and status lines. Additionally, when a state trace is displayed, 80960 mnemonics are listed, providing easy correlation between the data captured and the controlling program.