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E2413C Motorola 68332 Preprocessor Interface

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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики


  • Prefetched instructions or instructions executed in background mode are marked in the trace display
  • Internal (Show) cycles are captured and disassembled
  • Different bus cycle types can be selectively removed from the display
  • Refer to the data sheet for more information


The Keysight E2413C provides an easy way to conncet to a Keysight logic analyzer. All necessary clocks are passed through by the preprocessor to the logic analyzer to ensure that the data is captured at the correct time.

Software is shipped with the product that automatically configures the logic analyzer, generating labels for address, data and status signals. Included with the software is a disassembler which displays execution traces in CPU32 microcontroller mnemonics.