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The Keysight E1720A provides ultra-high resolution (0.6 nm) measurements and servo-controlled positioning for use in dimensional metrology and motion control. It is a compact, integrated solution for precisely-controlled linear positioning used in precision stages and other precision machinery, and also in writing servotracks in the data storage industry.

The standard E1720A system consists of a Keysight E1711A Sensor Head, an E1713A Scale Servo-Axis Board, an E1712A opt 011 Linear Scale, and a connecting cable. The Keysight E1723A DSP Servo-Axis Board can be substituted for the E1713A by ordering option 023. Different scale lengths and configurations are also available.

  • Repeatability of 2nm
  • Short range accuracy of 10 nm
  • Rugged construction for long-term, reliable performance
  • Immune to turbulence created by stage motion and changing conditions.
  • Worldwide Keysight service and support