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E1489C MXI Interface for HP S/700 + Software

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The Keysight E1489C EISA/ISA-to-MXIbus Interface connects Hewlett-Packard 9000 Series 700 computers with EISA backplanes to the MXIbus. This card, not a VXI module, plugs into EISA/ISA backplane of the controller. When used with SICL or VISA, the I/O Libraries for instrument control, HP9000 Series 700 computers can talk directly to the VXI backplane. This gives you the advantages of external controllers, plus the speed and throughput of direct memory-mapped access to the VXI backplane.

SICL/VISA, included with the EISA/ISA-to-MXIbus Interface, provides ease of use and cross-platform compatibility. This compatibility means that application programs written for one platform can be recompiled and run on other platforms that use the same I/O library. The E1489C extends both the MXIbus and INTX (Interrupt and Timing Extension buses.

The E1489C holds 1 or 4 MB of high-speed dual ported memory. The controller can access the A24 address space memory locally, and any VME or VXI card with direct backplane access can use it for temporary data storage or other uses. It has one SIMM connector and can hold either a 1 MB or 4 MB, 80 ns, no parity, PC-compatible SIMM module.

  • Highest performance interface card for HP Series 700
  • External controller flexibility
  • Embedded controller speed
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Includes SICL and VISA I/O Libraries