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The Keysight E1302A VME/VXI mainframe is a high-performance, 350 W VME/VXI B-size VXI mainframe. It provides a quality environment for larger scale B-size system configurations. Its kplane provides 20 slots with VME/VXI P1 and P2 row B connectors.

Keysight Technologies has incorporated its industry-leading Pressurized Air Channel cooling system into the design of the E1302A. This system is used in our most powerful C-size mainframes. It ensures clean, uniform airflow to each module. For greater air flow, cooling air intake is through the rear of the mainframe. Additionally, power supply and fans are serviceable through the rear. The implementation of solid state automatic daisy-chain jumpering for the VMEbus grant and interrupt acknowledge lines eliminates the need for hand selection of switch settings.

The E1302A is recommended for rack-mount and recess mount configurations, and for benchtop use.

  • 20-Slot, B-size
  • VME power supplies that meet VXI Specifications
  • Power supply/fans are serviceable in rack (low MTTR)
  • Automatic daisy chain jumpering
  • Easy access to P2 rows A and C at rear of backplane
  • Air filters mounted on rear panel, easily accessible