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The Keysight 89400-AYH Digital Video Signal Analyzer meets the needs of both broadcast and cable system designers, Keysight 89400 vector signal analyzers precisely characterize RF signals in the emerging modulation formats of the digital video industry, including QAM, DVB, and VSB. Off-the-shelf, lab-quality spectrum and waveform measurements allow designers of ATV/HDTV components, equipment and systems to deliver higher-quality video signals faster and for less cost than with custom-built test tools.

  • Adaptive equalization now included in Option AYH
  • Peak-to-average power measurements
  • Constellation, eye, and error magnitude analysis for QAM, VSB, DVB, and other modulation formats (Option AYH)
  • Dynamic power measurements, including: peak, average, band-integrated, and adjacent channel
  • Waveform capture and analysis
  • Carrier phase noise measurements to -116 dBc/Hz
  • For complete details, click on the Data Sheet link.
  • Spectrum Analyzers - Accessories