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E2500B 8792 Model 11 FASS, 0.01 GHz to 3 GHz

Статус продукта: Устарело | Варианты сервисной поддержки
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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • Advanced dynamic control
  • 100 ns typical frequency agility
  • 40 MHz instantaneous modulation bandwidth
  • Arbitrary control over AM, FM, PM, pulse, and frequency hop
  • Easy-to-use application-specific software (unintentional modulation on pulses, or UMOP, is not available.)


The Frequency Agile Signal Simulator (FASS) uses high-speed memory, signal processing, digital-to-analog conversion, and direct digital synthesis for precise signal simulation with unprecedented flexibility. The modulation data source's digital memory and sequencers store signal characteristics, namely carrier frequency and hop patterns, amplitude, frequency, phase, and pulse modulation data. This data is supplied to the agile carrier synthesizer, where it is processed and converted to an analog signal made up of a carrier and its modulation. Keysight 8791 Model 11 translates baseband signals to between 0.01 GHz to 3 GHz. The smart interface manages data flow and signal generation functions within FASS, as specified by inputs from its menu driven front panel or over GP-IB.