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E2502A 8791 Model 100 Precision Signal Generator Software

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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • Modulation bandwidths up to 40 MHz AM, PM, and FM
  • 3 GHz agile carrier range (8 ns switching speed)
  • Two-tone signals with up to 40 MHz separation
  • Programmable time synchronization of each modulation: AM, PM, FM, and frequency hop
  • Long user patterns for special applications and modulation formats


Instruments-on-a-Disk (IDs) make a frequency agile signal simulation system easy to use and give it the front panel personality of specific applications. By clicking clearly labeled softkeys with the mouse, users can modify sophisticated signal characteristics quickly and easily. The Keysight 8791 Model 100 Precision Signal Generator Instrument-on-a Disk (PSID) software configures FASS to be a high precision signal generator.