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The CDMA spectrum analyzer makes testing simple and straightforward because it follows the CDMA standards in terminology, methods of measurement and limits. Keysight is an active member of the committees that produce the standards for PCS and cellular equipment, so we understand first hand what the standards require. We have used this experience to create a simpler solution. Just let the analyzer do the work for you.

CDMA (code division multiple access) is reality! For those of you who design, manufacture, install or maintain CDMA equipment, Keysight presents another measurement personality for the Keysight 8590 E-series spectrum analyzers. This CDMA transmitter test solution includes ALL of the spectrum analysis capability you've grown to rely on from Keysight in this dynamic marketplace.

  • Simplifies your measurements of cellular; PCS and other spread spectrum transmitters
  • Improve Time-to-Market
  • Quick, easy, one-button measurement
  • Built-in flexibility
  • J-STD-008 (US PCS), Korean STD 1, Korean STD 2, and Japan ARIB STD-T53
  • Updated for the new standard revisions (e.g. IS-97-A, IS-98-A)
  • Flexible Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) measurement that allows measurements to be made using either the Qualcomm ACPR method or the fast (Keysight-defined) method