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The Keysight 85717A personality provides all transmitter measurements in the MPT 1375 and I-ETS 300-131 specifications for second generation cordless telephone with common air interface. In addition, it has the flexibility to allow you to define your own custom channel tuning plan and band edges as well as spurious frequencies. Transmitter tests include: mean carrier power, carrier-off power, adjacent channel power, out-of-band power, spurious emissions, intermodulation attenuation, and frequency error and deviation.

  • Provides RF transmitter measurements for testing cordless telephone handsets and bases
  • Measurements can be made on completed handsets and base units
  • Fast retrieval of pertinent information
  • Useful real-time interactive displays for troubleshooting
  • Well-suited for automated testing
  • Ability to modify personality limits and parameters to match your test requirements