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The Keysight 85715B provides all the GSM900 transmitter tests specified in the GSM 11.10 (mobile) and GSM 11.21 (base) recommendations. Measurements include those for power, frequency, timing, and modulation accuracy. GSM Phase II specification limits are used and the extended GSM (E-GSM frequency bands are supported).

  • Capability to completely characterize GSM900 or DCS1800 transmitters
  • An unbeatable combination of GSM performance and ease-of-use for BTS, acceptance testing or maintenance
  • Easy to integrate into GPIB controlled test systems
  • Ideal for all stages of base station manufacturing test
  • Especially suited to RF module pre-test, for mobiles or base stations
  • High speed measurements are tailored to the needs of high volume production
  • Performance up to 26.5 GHz