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This product has been discontinued. For more current product information, go to "Spectrum Analyzers".

Discontinued - support information only. Please order the system´s components: E7402A or E7405A EMC analyzer, 11945A close field probe set, and a 11909A amplifier, individually.

Isolate and evaluate emission hot spots with the Keysight 84105EM system, which includes an E7401A EMC analyzer and an 11945A close field probe set. The probes are calibrated in magnetic field strength units so that the emissions displayed on the EMC analyzer are in dBuA/meter. With the field strength known, you can derive the current at a specific frequency. Since the probes measure magnetic field strength versus electric field strength, the repeatability is very good. Use the probes to locate RF leaks in shielding and cabinets.

Included as default
- E7401A EMC analyzer, 9 kHz to 1.5 GHz
- 11945A Close field probe set

Standard options
- E7402A, E7403A, E7404A, or E7405A EMC analyzer
- 11909A Amplifier, 9 kHz to 1 GHz