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83212D GSM Mobile Station Test Software

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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • Automatic testing of GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900 and Dual-band mobile stations
  • GSM Phase II power accuracy and power vs time measurements
  • Improved ORFS measurements
  • E-GSM radio channels supported
  • IMEI validation test
  • Comprehensive testing for incoming inspection and repair
  • Repeatable results with increased testing throughout


The Keysight 83212D is an easy-to-use software solution for automatic testing of GSM mobile stations. Running on the Keysight 8922's built-in I-BASIC controller, the Keysight 83212D offers a comprehensive set of tests ideal for incoming inspection and repair of GSM phones. Its flexibility and modularity allow you to easily select and change test sequences, test parameters, and pass/fail limits. Three levels of testing are available: manual mobile station troubleshooting, quick functional checkout, and full parametric testing.

Note: The Keysight 8922P or 8922R are required to test Dual-band mobiles.