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82340A HPIB card and SICL for Windows 3.1

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Put big league automation on your benchtop.

Test engineers have been relying on HP-IB (IEEE 488) for years, and now you can have it with the ease and simplicity of Windows. Control instruments, transfer results, and uses PC software to analyze your data - at a price you probably didn't think possible. What's more, the Standard Instrument Control Library (SICL) for Windows 3.1 is shipped with every HP-IB card. Use the library of instrument I/O functions to streamline your code development.

For single-task applications with a dedicated PC, choose the HP 82340A. It's a cost-effective way to get into Windows-based HP-IB programming.

  • Operating system: Windows 3.1, Windows NT
  • I/O library: Standard Instrument Control Library
  • Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic
  • Backplane: ISA/EISA (8-bit), one slot required
  • Maximum I/O speed: 520 KB/s
  • Warranty: one year