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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • Resolution bandwidths from 10 MHz to 100 MHz
  • IF Gain from 0 dB to 70 dB in 1 dB steps
  • Video output at full selected bandwidth
  • Optional 70 or 140 MHz IF output
  • Channel filters available for the 70 MHz output
  • Optional demodulated FM output
  • Optional analog demodulated I/Q outputs


The 70911A ultra-wide bandwidth IF module adds receiver functionality to certain Keysight 70000 series spectrum analyzers. Designed specifically to work with the 71209A option 001 analyzer, it adds receive bandwidths of 10 MHz to 100 MHz in 10% increments. When the 70911A is added to the 71209A option 001, the combination constitutes the 71910A wide-bandwidth receiver. Options are available to provide 70 MHz or 140 MHz IF outputs, demodulated FM out, or analog I/Q demodulated outputs. Also available are channel filters for the 70 MHz IF to selected any required bandwidth and shape. (A maximum of 15 filters can be configured.)