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70875A Noise Figure Measurement Personality

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The Keysight 70875A noise figure measurement personality adds noise figure and gain measurement capability to Keysight 71000 series spectrum analyzers. Combined with the Keysight 346B or Keysight 346C noise source and a Keysight 70620B Option 001 preamplifier module, this measurement personality provides swept noise figure and gain measurements from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. The 70875A provides a simple way to make fast, easy noise figure and gain measurements of both amplifiers and frequency converters with your MMS spectral analysis system. These measurements are fully programmable. The 70875A also offers switching between noise figure and spectrum analyzer modes for stray signal detection, and mixer test compatibility for frequency converters and receivers.

  • Friendly, menu-driven interface simplifies measurements
  • Configurations are displayed
  • Marker functions make noise figure and gain easy to read at any frequency
  • Save/recall functions allow storage of analyzer states, ENR tables, and limit lines
  • One-point, pass/fail measurements
  • Storage and editing of multiple noise-source ENR data tables
  • Variable measurement bandwidths for direct measurement of narrowband devices