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70613A Interface Module, DC to 6.5 GHz, 2x5 Switch

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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики

  • MMS switch matrix
  • HP-IB and manual control
  • Custom configuration
  • Input ports terminated in 50 ohms


The 70613A interface module gives MMS designers an off-the-shelf solution to their interconnection problems. This standard module is a 2 x 5 common highway switch matrix. The frequency range of the 2-slot MMS module covers from DC to 6.5 GHz. The 70613A combines the functions of the 70611A switch driver with the switch hardware. In addition to routing signals between sources and devices under test, the 70613A features attenuator options for adjusting signal strengths from 0 to 121 dB in 1 dB steps. Each module comes with front panel indicators and front panel 3.5 mm connectors. Front panel indicators alert you to current switch status. Rear panel RF connectors are also available. This switch matrix can be controlled remotely through HP-IB or manually using any MMS display. You can manually control individual switches or define a special manual interface. You can save and recall multiple switch states using alphanumeric labels that you specify. The  70613A can remotely or manually control up to 217 additional devices through the use of 84940A driver cards installed in other interface modules.