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64783B Emulator for Motorola 68040, 68EC040, and 68LC040 Processors

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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики


  • 40 MHz Active Processor Interface with target and emulation memory visibility in both burst and synchronous modes
  • Hardware and Software Breakpoints
  • Multiprocessor Emulation including cross triggering from other emulators, logic analyzers, and oscilloscopes
  • Refer to the data sheet for more information


Designers using the Motorola 32-bit 68040 microprocessor are assured of a full line of support with modular emulation tools and software support on a range of design platforms. The emulator is an integrated part of a total solution for the design of your 68040 embedded system. Keysight has integrated code-development, debug, emulation, software performance analysis, and software test verification into a comprehensive package that will meet your embedded design requirements. You have the choice of selecting the entire development package or only the parts that you need at a specific time.

For PC hosted embedded development, a Real-Time C Debugger user interface combines the ease of use of a full MS Windows ® user interface with Keysight 64700B's transparent, real-time emulation. This combination provides an unmatched ability to debug embedded C programs at the sources level, while your target runs at full speed.